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The permit lasts 5 years.

With this permit it is possible to study and work; it is possible to apply for family joining without having to prove any income or proper housing.

It is possible to work in the Public Administration; it gives right to INPS’s welfare services and the maternity allowance granted by the Municipalities. It is possible to apply for Italian citizenship after 5 years of residence on the territory.

The first issuing must be applied for at the Questura, whereas the renewal is carried out through postal procedure. The Postal Kit contains two forms, Mod 1 and Mod 2. It is necessary to fill in Mod 1. If in possession of a job, it is also possible to fill in Mod 2.

The Kit also contains instructions, but if necessary it is possible to ask for help at the information points placed  throughout the territory by associations, aid societies…

The Kit is to be mailed at the actual Post Offices. It is necessary to show up with residence permit, passport or equivalent document.


  • copy of the residence permit in expiry; copy of Travelling Document (the Italian State is obliged to provide the refugee with a document equivalent to a passport); if in possession of a job (subordinate or self-employment), it is also necessary to include documents concerning said job (employment contract, pay pack, income statement, etc.).


  • 16.00 Euro revenue stamp
  • 27.50 Euro receipt of occurred payment for the issuing of electronic residence permits (one part of the receipt must be included in the Kit, the other part must be kept);
  • 30.00 Euros to be paid at the Post Office for mailing expenses.

The issuing or renewal of residence permits for asylum, for asylum application, for subsidiary protection, for humanitarian reasons are exempted from the payment of the contribution.


In case of children under 14 years of age, it is necessary to include in the Kit also a copy of their passport and residence permit.

If the minor is being inserted for the first time on the parent’s residence permit, it is necessary to provide also:

  • photocopy of the minor’s passport (only the pages indicating personal data, renewal stamps, visas);
  • copy of birth certificate indicating maternity/paternity (translated and legalised, or with apostille, if coming from another State).
  • authorization of one parent to insert the child on the other parent’s residence permit.

The employee at the Post Office will issue a receipt. This receipt is very important: together with the expired residence permit it is valid as a normal residence permit. It is necessary so as to exit Italy while waiting for the new permit and to verify if it is ready by visiting the websites: (Area Reserved for Foreign Citizens), or With this receipt it is possible to sign an employment contract, a lease contract or any other contract, as well as to apply for residence and health card (tessera sanitaria). The Post Office will also set an appointment with the offices at the Questura for finger print taking and to provide photographs. When going to the Questura, it is necessary to provide the original documents of the copies mailed in the Kit.